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What Planet Are You From?

Take the quiz: "What planet are you from?"

You're mind is icy. You try to calculate the future but you end up dwelling on the past.

Take the quiz: "Which Planet Are You? (Pictures)"

You are the calm, cool, and collected type. You barely ever worry about anything which is good so you don't have stress problems in the future.

Take the quiz: "what planet are you?"

You're small but spunky.

You scored as pluto. you are pluto. this means you have not yet found yourself. you are in need of some serious soul-searching. you need to find something you truly love, however you're not sure how to do that yet. if you're younger, people often find themselves in college, where there are a wide variety of opportunities. if you're older, then you're probably experiencing a midlife crisis. just hang in there, you know who you are eventually.

what planet personality are you?
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.:the Moon:.
"You are known as the peacemaker of the group.
You have a lot of patience and understanding of
others. You hate to see pain and suffering in
others. You love to nurture and help others,
but you hide your own feelings in an effort to
avoid conflict."

. : : Which Astrological Planet are You? : : . [10 Gorgeous Pics!]
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your neptune, the daydreamer. you believe thats
there is never a limit to anything; that
infinite is possible to reach. your spiritual
and glamorous. your a daydreamer and everything
you think about is on the verge of fanatical.
you are the most creative of the planets and in
dance, drama, art, or music your highly
talented. but at times you can be shy and want
to show your thoughts,but cant. dont worry
about it though, cause everyone that does know
you love you to the utmost.(please rate and if
you want, message me for comments on the quiz.
i dont mind critiscm!) GOOD PLANET: pluto. you feel as if you can
understand them, being almost as far from the
light as they are and you try to help them. BAD PLANET: earth. doesnt believe a word i say and
no imagination whatsoever

what planet are you (with the sun and the moon)
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Neptune - You are melancholy and lonely. You have a
hard feeling of guilt on your shoulders, and
can't seem to shake your past. YOu are calm and
silent, but you have more to offer than anyone
wants to see.

- What Planet Are You From? -
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You're From Neptune
You're From Neptune. This means that you are bound
to be a sensitive and sometimes underspoken
person. You are a dreamer who spends most of
their time in their dreams.

What Planet are You From?
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What Planet are you from?
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You scored 41.7morous Mars Is action your middle name? The planet of Mars, named after the Roman god of war, governs all physical energy, making you a go-getter and a risk taker. You're strong and brave, and your friends count on you for your honesty and straightforwardness. You exude passion, and your fiery nature is often arousing. You're emotional in your love life and can go from screaming in anger at one moment to screaming in ecstasy the next. Although you're an adventurous leader with strong opinions, remember that sometimes it's better to look before you leap, especially if you're making an important decision. venusmarsquiz

Image not shown.
Pluto. You are depressed and morbid. You have a
sort of 'fuck you' attitude to life. Someone
has stepped on your heart, ripped it to peices
and blown it to the wind. You don't get along
with anyone, no one understands you.

Which planet are you from?
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You are the Moon! You are sensitive and caring,
though you may be a little too self-critical.
You LOVE to care for other people or animals,
and you always think of other people first. You
also hate to be rushed, so you may tend to
procrastinate at times, but overall you pretty
good at getting important things done! You
don't usually like to be the center of
attention, but if you KNOW that you're right,
then everyone better get out of your way,
because you are very stubborn. You are also a
bit shy around people you don't know very well.

What planet matches your personality?
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You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows. You probably never leave home without your cell phone! You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you. You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer. Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.

What Planet Are You From?

You scored as Jupiter. you are jupiter!!!!!

What Planet are most like?
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You scored as Saturn. check out my art gallery

Which Planet do you belong on?
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You are Pluto... Abuse of Power, Darker side, Spiritual Outlook.

What planet do you represent? (Chobits based, Anime Girls)
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yeah you cant have it
Venus - The planet of love and emotion, your power
is of the people, you have a special way with
words and can earn anyones trust, along with
their hearts. Your world focus's really around
love and relationships. You value your
friendship so so much, the world needs more
people like you. Your the type no never hold a
grudge and when you get mad, you really cant
stay mad that long cause to love is to forgive.
A # 1 What is your inner planet and power? ::detailed answers and pixs::
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